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Zeona Road is the latest trio of siblings to hit the music scene.

The band consists of the siblings Emmy, Payton, and Eva Jerde, the 3 eldest of 10 kids. They grew up on Great Plains Buffalo Ranch, located on Zeona Road near Reva, SD. When the siblings were out doing chores, they listened to the radio all the time. They began to sing along. Their harmonies floated across the prairie as they learned 90's country, 80's rock, and modern pop/hip hop while they were building fence or chasing cattle. Jamming was a form of relaxation and release in the evenings after the ranch work was done for the day.

Each band member of Zeona Road brings multiple instruments to the group.

Emmy started playing music when she was 5, and began violin lessons at 9 years old. Classically trained on the violin and piano, she has a solid musical foundation. She has been called an "Adventurous player" by Billy Talbot, of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Adding classical violin technique to Canadian and old time country fiddle styes, she loves "going for it", if you will, pushing traditional blends and boundaries. Her lower to mid-range vocal register blends well between Payton and Eva. She studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music, graduating in 2012. She moved to Nashville, TN in January, 2014, and has been a utility player for various musical groups. She had only been playing in Nashville for a few months when she got the opportunity to play at the Country Music Hall of Fame. She has opened for various artists, including Suzy Boggess and Montgomery Gentry.

Payton started guitar lessons at age 9. His solid knowledge of music theory that helps the band stay glued together. He provides a solid heartbeat for the band to create upon. He arranges harmony parts for the group, and is deep vocals are captivating. He studied percussion and vocal technique at Berklee College of Music. Payton still has a love for ranching and the country western lifestyle. He raises cattle and buffalo in a holistic and sustainable way at Great Plains Buffalo ranch.

Eva started with violin at age 6. She focuses on keys, mandolin, harmonica, and lead vocals in the group. Every time Eva steps onto a stage, she takes ownership. Her strong and charming voice wins hearts of listeners wherever she sings. Recently, she was asked to sing the National Anthem at Cheyenne Frontier Days, one of the largest rodeo events, next to the NFR, in the US. She has won many local and regional music contests. Her energy is abundant. Eva is also a talented writer, and is looking forward to putting out some of her original work.

The siblings are friendly, outgoing, and fun to be around. They are humbled to be able to play music for the world, and hope to simply brighten someone's day with their music.

Zeona Road's influence comes from listening to Shania Twain, Faith Hill, and the Dixie Chicks. Their dad listening to Queen, Aerosmith, and Led Zepplin. And of course, the country classics like Alan Jackson, Johnny Cash, George Strait. Their instruments reflect traditional folk and bluegrass, however Zeona Road has a very modern edge. As a group, they emphasize strong family harmonies and are very into Fleetwood Mac, Little Big Town, and The Band Perry.

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