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Nicholle Rae is a 22 year old Texan living out her dream in Nashville, Tennesse!


Nicholle Rae, describes her music as fun while at the same time signifying deep meaning. “Country Music is about stories. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still be fun. My music will always reflect who I am.” Nicholle Rae’s biggest influence comes from fellow Texan, Miranda Lambert, “I admire her energy on stage and her songwriting skills.” In addition to Miranda Lambert, her influences include Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Nettles, Gretchen Wilson and another Texan, Kacey Musgraves.

Nicholle Rae is no stranger to the stage. Besides Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge, Nicholle Rae has had the opportunity to perform in a variety of places, including the Fort Worth Stockyards, Rippys, and Honky Tonk Central.

It is Nicholle Rae’s hope that her music will provide a new means for her to give back to her community. She dreams on opening an animal shelter and also a school for children with intellectual and learning disabilities just like the one she used to work at in her hometown.

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