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Joshua Paige is a Country Singer and Songwriter from Napa California. Growing up on the family ranch in a home that was grounded on southern values, he often felt out of place being in an urban setting. While his peers made fun of him for being different, he found peace of mind venting about those differences in his music.

While Paige was in school, his love for country music had become so great that he gave up all other aspirations to fully pursue it. Appearing on several national television shows and singing for Nascar, quickly made him a hometown star. His humorous songs about life and his high energy performances were a hit with the locals and Paige started venturing out around Northern California.

Paige performed over 200 times before making the decision to move to Los Angeles. Not long after the move, while feeling homesick, Paige wrote a song called “Country Boy” which described his experience being a country boy in a big city. The song caught the attention of producer Chris Bell (who has worked with artists such as Prince, , and Nickelback) and the two began working together. Their first two releases “She Got Everything” and “You Are Not Alone” are available on iTunes and they are currently recording a full album. Paige is also performing regularly up and down California, Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

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