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Country music has been undoubtedly known for its story telling and when you mix it with a little rock, it creates a whole different edge. From names like Haggard and Cash to Seger and Springsteen music is always evolving, but the roots remain the same. Casey Edgar's songs tell stories that connect with generations of music fans.

"I think that's where a lot of my influences come from. My dad and his buddies would sit around and play for hours, we called them Jams. They'd play country, folk, Motown, blues, all kinds of stuff."

With all of these different influences, the songs Casey plays reflect not only who he is as an artist, but where he comes from. That's why his debut single, "This is My Home" is a true reflection of his past, present and future.

Casey grew up in the small town of Stroud, Oklahoma, nestled off the heart of Route 66. Singing in church was only the beginning of Casey's musical journey as athletics prevailed through his high school and early college years. After a broken ankle, he took to writing.

"I remember when I caught the writing bug. I was late to practice one day because I lost track of time in the middle of a tune and didn't know what to tell the coaches. That's when I knew I was in trouble. I had to make a choice."

In 2008, Casey moved to Denver looking for a change of scenery. Playing on 16th Street Mall every weekend, Casey began developing his sound and searching for his audience.

Three years later, after a vacation to Nashville, Casey decided it was time to move onto the next stage of his career.

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