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It was never really a question for me. I never thought ‘should music really be my career?’ I just started doing it and found a way to make music my life.”

Canadian singer-songwriter Danielle Todd can silence a room with her nightingale voice, capture a crowd with her gripping songwriting, and move each soul to tears with her delicate story telling. From the moment she steps on stage to the very last note that echoes through the room, Danielle manages to invite each audience member into her life and to become part of her family.

“I grew up in a beautiful family. We support each other, laugh with each other, and most importantly we listen to each other. I’ve always tried to make my fans feel like they are part of my family because I think I am very lucky to have them and I cherish them like I do my own family.”

Both on and off stage Danielle believes that it is important for each fan to relate to her. Whether it is through a cheerful song about her first love, a spine chilling story about her best friend’s heartbreak, or a quiet and intimate one on one conversation offstage, Danielle opens her heart up to each and every one of her fans. She invites them into her life. She lets them become her family.

“One of my favourite moments that I’ve ever experienced in this industry was at a show in Sauble Beach. I sang a song that I wrote about mental health and talked about how mental health awareness is important to me. After my set that night, a woman came up to me almost in tears and thanked me for the song. All I could do was hug her because I knew she was struggling. I will never forget the moment we shared. I was happy that I helped her even if it was just a little bit.”

In 2011, Danielle released her first CD “Between You and Me…” with wild success. Since then she has been touring Canada, Australia and the United States. In 2014, Danielle released her next 4 song EP “The One for Me” recorded at Northwood Studios, Ontario. This EP was sold offstage for a year while she planned her next project. Her most recent CD “Danielle Todd Live at Two Chick’s Café” was recorded live in Sauble Beach, Ontario on the weekend of May 24th 2015. With fireworks in the background, Danielle serenaded the crowd all weekend. Danielle released her live CD to a sold out crowd in October 2015.

“I am so happy I decided to do a live CD. The audience became a part of the recording which I think is very special. Music is like my journal. I literally wrapped up my weekend in a melody and my fans and I will be able to relive it over and over.”

Fast forward to 2017 and Danielle now resides in Nashville after leaving her hometown of Guelph, Ontario to focus on her solo career. She regularly performs at venues such as Tootsie’s and the world famous ‘Honky Tonk Central‘. She will continue songwriting and plans to release new material in the near future.

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