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The debut EP from Bone Feather Moon's on Fire has landed. It's been called "Deep Purple gone Dixie". This five-track collection of songs is a powerful and gutsy debut effort from a band who's equal parts young, hungry songwriters and seasoned, symbiotic performers. Chris Stapleton, Leroy Powell, and other prolific writers have penned songs the EP. Of Moon's on Fire, lead singer Michael Shaun Brown says, “There is nothing that has ever been captured in our history to represent who we are more than what this body of work does. The raw, distinctive energy that was poured into every single track expresses how hard we work to be the very best that we can be. Bone Feather is officially here, and we are definitely here to stay.”

Bone Feather is a multifarious Southern rock 'n' roll outfit based in Nashville, TN. Hailing from all four corners of the country, the band was led to the smoky dives of Music City five years ago where they started playing consistently and forming their own unique sound. Bone Feather is already making a splash in Nashville and beyond, bridging the genres of Rock and Country seamlessly. With a catalog of brand new material under their belts, Bone Feather is now poised to reach beyond the honky tonk scene and bring their electrifying sound to the national and international arena.

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